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CLARKS SUMMIT — Harold W. Baillie, Ph.D. will present a discussion, “Capitalism and Socialism: Does Anyone Remember what We are Talking about?” Wednesday, Oct. 23 at noon at The Gathering Place for Community, Arts & Education, 304 S. State St.

The collapse of the Soviet Union was understood as a victory for capitalism, and a defeat for communism, thus also socialism. But while communism is seemingly abolished, socialism remains as a competitor for capitalism, to varying extents embraced by Bernie Sanders and the four freshmen members of the House of Representatives. It is also found alive and well in several European countries. Why is this?

This class will argue that capitalism and socialism are twin stars, created together and existing inseparably because of democracy’s fundamental commitment to both human rights and human equality. Specifically, property rights are corrosive of equality and equality chaffs at distinctions (inequalities) between those economically industrious and those who pursue other forms of activity. There is no resolution that abolishes one in favor of the other; there is only perpetual tension, rebalancing property rights and equality as economic conditions change.

Cost of class is $5. For more information, visit