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I had a feeling someone was laughing at me on Sunday afternoon as I drove home under a clear blue sky and glanced at the thermometer on my dashboard. The outdoor temperature indicated anything but January.

“I should’ve waited a week,” I said to myself.

Last week, I wrote about stopping at Hillside Park for a Sunday afternoon picnic in blustery, 33-degree weather. I had the winter blues and was already sick of January. It was so cold, my hands and face were almost numb, but I stuck it out because I craved a taste of summer and couldn’t wait.

Seven days later, it was sunny and 56 degrees, almost twice the temperature of the week before.

Go figure.

I’m not complaining; the warmer weather over the weekend was like a love letter from spring reassuring me we’ll eventually be together again.

But I also knew the warmth wouldn’t last.

If you’ve lived here for at least a year, you’re acquainted with the ups and downs of winter in the Abingtons and northeast Pennsylvania. One day we have a clear blue sky and the next it’s grey and rainy. One week there’s a foot of snow on the ground, and in the next, we can see grass. One Sunday it’s 33 degrees and the next it’s 56.

But despite the unpredictability of NEPA weather, one nice thing about living in the Abingtons is, there is no shortage of events and activities year-round.

I’ve heard locals say there isn’t much to do around here in the winter. And I used to agree. But upon considering all the happenings that fill the pages of The Abington Suburban each week, my opinion changed.

Anyone who is bored in the Abingtons during the winter – or any time of year – hasn’t checked out all the offerings at The Gathering Place. Or the Waverly Community House. Or the Newton Recreation Center. Or the Abington and Dalton community libraries. Or the many local parks. Or the churches.

Not to mention the Abington-area businesses and civic groups that present events such as the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice which is coming up Feb. 14-16.

Yes, winter in the Abingtons is, without a doubt, a roller coaster ride.

But it’s a fun ride.

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