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PHOTO BY TERI LYON Carolyn Lyon introduces her snow lady a few winters ago.

The whole family is home for a snow day.

Living in the “higher elevations” in the Clarks Summit area, we’ve had our share through the years.

In the days before websites and the “Remind” app, my kids and I would be glued to a local morning television newscast, anxiously waiting for the “A” schools to scroll across the bottom of the screen. Then, there it was, official notice that the Abington Heights School District was closed for the day.


My daughters screamed for joy and I murmured a “thank you,” relieved that I didn’t have to tackle the snowy hills up to Waverly Elementary, the middle school or high school, or icy roads to work in Scranton.

“Practical Mom” and “Fun Mom” would have a debate on how to make the best use of this gift of time.

“Practical Mom” was all for catching up on a house project, especially since I had my little darlings home to help. Wouldn’t this be a great day to clean out a closet or tidy up toys in the basement play room?

“Fun Mom” said, “Not a chance.”

“Fun Mom” saw this as a day of adventure, and my kids were quick to agree. There was the great snow-covered outdoors right outside our front door.

So, on went the jackets, snow pants, hats, scarves, mittens and boots. Little voices giggled as children made snow angels, snow forts and, of course, our annual snow person that greeted passers-by proudly in our front yard until the first warm day of spring. Sometimes he was a man, sometimes she was a lady. But the snow person always dressed up fine in accessories from the family.

If the kids were feeling extra adventurous, they would want to go sledding for a while at the middle school, where “the biggest hills” would provide the best sledding. Anyone who lives up here knows there are no shortages of hills for winter fun.

After “Fun Mom” and the kids had enough adventure for one day, “Comfy Cozy Mom” took over. Back inside and out of their cold, wet clothes, my kids would sip on cocoa with marshmallows in their favorite mugs. Then they’d color or we’d play board games. We’d all help create a comfort-food supper like beef stew. Then we’d settle down after dinner in our winter pj’s and plushy robes to watch one of our favorite movies.

Our snow day had turned into a snow night of chatting and cuddles. By bed time I had felt that I knew my children a little better and we loved each other a little more.

It didn’t get better than this.

In a world where both parents and children can often seem consumed and over-stimulated with activity, it’s nice to have a day when everything stops once in a while, where the daily routine changes. What you do with it doesn’t matter. Venturing out into the snow or relaxing inside, or even cleaning out the basement, the most important thing is that you’re together, making new memories.

Teri Lyon is a mom, grandmom and freelance writer who

lives in Glenburn Township

with her cat.