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PHOTO BY TERI LYON Teri Lyon and daughter, Jessica, a.k.a. Annie’s Mom and Annie, on a long-ago Halloween.

Choosing a Halloween costume has always been a fall highlight for my kids and for me, too.

Many times we ventured to a local Halloween party store to purchase something trendy, and ultimately, something we would see half my child’s class wearing in the school Halloween parade.

Other times we were more creative, pulling together original costumes from whatever we could find in our house, especially the Halloween trunk in our basement, filled with bits and pieces of costumes from Halloweens past.

I liked the homemade costumes best. Not only were they unique, but they brought us together for lots of fun and family time as we brainstormed ideas and assembled our creations. Putting together our original costumes were as much fun as wearing them. One year a long blonde wig, mini skirt and cardigan created Marcia Brady from “The Brady Brunch.” And there was the classic “load of laundry” costume made by “wearing” a laundry basket with a hole cut in the middle and attaching socks and other pieces of laundry to the rest of yourself with clothespins.

When my daughter, Jessica, was a toddler, she was “Annie” from the Broadway musical and I – in a matching red-and-white maternity dress because I was pregnant with her sister – was “Annie’s mom.” Jess is now a mom herself and, this year, will transform my granddaughter, Rachel, into Mabel from the Disney show “Gravity Falls” in a homemade costume.

I can’t wait to see it.

The sky’s the limit if you and your children want to create your own costumes this year. Let your imagination run free.

If you need a little help, here are some cute ideas inspired by As with any “recipe,” you can customize these to make them your own.

Watercolor paint tray

(Design by Kathy Beymer.)

Use various colored felt pieces to turn the classic narrow tray with ovals of watercolor paint into a colorful costume. Top it off with a handmade French-inspired beret and a jumbo paintbrush made from a pool noodle.

Candy rapper

(Design by Sam Henderson.)

Attach wrapped candy pieces to a T-shirt. Accessorize with a cool hat, hip jewelry and a microphone, of course.

Bull in a china shop

(Design by Kathy Beymer.)

Start with simple brown shirt or dress and accent with pieces from a children’s china tea set, attached with velcro. Make a bull-horn headpiece by stuffing horn-shaped white felt with any kind of stuffing, newspaper, pillow stuffing, etc.

Garden fairy

(Design by Jess Abbott.)

Make a standard tutu skirt (very easy) long enough to serve as a dress. Add a halter ribbon, a set of wings, adorn it with a floral belt and a pretty halo.

Ice cream cone with a cherry on top

(Design by Manvi Drona.)

Top off a laundry basket cone with a paper-mache scoop, then sprinkle with multicolored plastic balls. Add a little chiffon and a cherry-red hat on top.

Stomach in knots

(Design by Sam Henderson.)

Write or print “Stomach in knots” on a white T-shirt and wrap twine, tied with many knots, around the tummy. This pun-filled, last-minute Halloween costume will take about a half-hour to make and won’t cost more than a few dollars.

Teri Lyon is a mom, grandmom and freelance writer who lives in Glenburn Township with her cat.