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One thing I love about downtown Clarks Summit and South Abington Township’s business district is the variety of places to get a good cup of coffee.

For people on the go, there are plenty of fast-service chains such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Sheetz and Krispy Kreme. For people who want to sit down and have a meal with their coffee, there are several classic small town diners including the Silver Spoon, Sunrise Café and Gourmet Family Restaurant.

And of course I can’t forget Duffy’s Coffee House, my go-to spot for meeting up with friends, using the Wi-Fi or sitting down with a latte and a good book.

Speaking of coffee and books, I still occasionally think of the former Tudor Book Shop & Café by Gerrity’s in Clarks Summit (a favorite hangout of mine when I was in high school), and mourn its 2006 closing. That and the Golden Goose Toy Shoppe next door were my favorite stores as a kid.

But I digress.

I was at Duffy’s on Saturday morning enjoying a breakfast sandwich and working on my laptop, when I overheard a little girl at the table behind me say to the woman with her, “they have the best hot chocolate ever here.”

I’ve had it before, and I must agree.

But as a caffeine addict, the coffee is more my cup of, uh, coffee.

This Saturday is National Coffee Day. I learned this from a Facebook post made by Krispy Kreme advertising its coffee glazed doughnuts, which the chain is offering this week only.

Of course, I had to try them.

The coffee flavor was subtle; I could smell more than taste it. And like any doughnut, it was best dunked in – you guessed it – coffee.

Whenever I observe debates about which is better: Starbucks vs. Dunkin, or Dunkin vs. Krispy Kreme, I just shake my head.

I like them all.

And I have my “regulars” at each business. But it’s unlikely you’ll ever find me at the same place, day after day.

Because to me, when it comes to coffee, variety is the pumpkin spice of life.