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WAVERLY TWP. — Characters from Disney’s “Jungle Book” will make an appearance at The Waverly Community House (Comm), which is starting a new Performing Arts Initiative based on the story.

The program is open to students in second through fifth grade, and exceptions may be made for older first graders.

The classes will start on Wednesday, Jan. 22, from 4-6 p.m. and last for 10 weeks. There will be a stage production performed at the end of April.

The cost is $150 per student with a $15 discount for children currently enrolled in the CommKids program.

Matthew Groztinger, a Waverly resident, will be leading the production and direction of the show. He is a Scranton School District music teacher and has experience in planning productions such as this within his schools Arts Engage afterschool program that was cut due to funding.

Vivian Williams, Comm special events coordinator, explained the idea behind the program.

“This is the first year of the Comm’s Performing Arts Initiative,” she said. “With celebrating the Comm’s 100-year birthday, we found it important to look to the next 100 years and include children’s programming. More and more children have expressed interest in the performing arts, and while there is a great performance program in Scranton, we found that some would like a program at the Comm.

“The setup of the Comm is inviting to theater production, and we found it a perfect way to start focusing on children’s programs.”

The children will learn about working as a team, confidence building, projecting their voice to an audience and overall theater production terms.

The children will each get their own script that has been adapted to the kid’s version of “The Jungle Book.” It will include speaking parts and songs.

“‘The Jungle Book’ appeals to both boys and girls and has a variety of parts for those who are familiar with theater and for those who are excited to start their journey with theater,” said Williams. “The arts, all around, teach children so many of life’s lessons and give an outlet to those who enjoy the arts. It will help develop friendships, increase confidence and build memories.”

“The program is an exciting new opportunity for the entire community, and we encourage everyone to visit to learn about more programs and events for the entire family,” added Maria Wilson, executive director of the Comm.